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Flight Simulator

System Test & Evaluation


Military systems are subjected to some of the most rigorous operational requirements and geographic environments. System testing in simulated and actual environments to replicate conditions and situations that are placed on military equipment are critical to the warfighter. Our engineers develop test criteria and suitable measurements to verify system performance to ensure proper system operation.

Area of Expertise

Acoustic Sonar and Sonobuoys Acoustic sonar and sonobuoy testing in water of the same temperature, pressure, salinity and sea state of the actual environments. Models and replicas of the target of interest have also been incorporated to ensure optimal system performance.
Refueling Drogues Refueling drogues tested in wind tunnels with variable flowfield perturbations.
Optical Systems Optical systems testing to simulate the correct wavebands, target signatures and atmospheric effects.
Unmanned Aircraft Unmanned aircraft test flights in unmanned autopilot modes and different geographic atmospheric conditions..