Quality, Responsiveness, and Integrity

Quality Assurance

Quality and integrity of all customer products is the top priority at Navmar Applied Sciences Corp. The NASC Johnstown, PA, Manufacturing and Production Facility is AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Our Quality Management System (QMS) uses a process approach to enhance the Corporation's efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its objectives. We use the "Plan-Do-Check and Act" model of quality improvement which emphasizes continuous monitoring, measurement, and improvement of the system. It is directed at enhancing the satisfaction of customers, by means of constant review and understanding of customer requirements, and exceeding all expectations. A metric-based Performance Evaluation System is used to collect and analyze data related to the effectiveness of our processes and the quality of our products.

NASC has established quality, responsiveness and integrity as the principles of our existence, and strives to guarantee satisfaction. By closely managing, measuring and recording every critical product and service, we can define and validate each of our processes and work procedures. We involve and empower our employees to constantly review and audit these processes by continuously improving them towards delivering the highest standard of quality and integrity.