Quality, Responsiveness, and Integrity

Our Engineering Philosophy/Mission

At NASC, our goals are to develop and deliver technology and products to provide unmatched capability for the men and women who protect America and provide innovative cost saving solutions to our partners in industry.

Acquisition is a complex process with many concurrent activities. To go beyond expectations, it is paramount to understand the acquisition process, decision support systems and development phases - each of which is structured into discrete phases, major decisions points, and informed decision making. NASC prides itself on having the necessary expertise to take technology and products from concept to reality. This includes identifying and analyzing needs, developing concepts, designs and prototypes, technology risk assessments, test and evaluation, production, support, maintenance and upgrades.

NASC's approach to finding solutions for complex problems is to bring together the best of the best in a collaborative team environment. This approach enables us to fully understand issues, and develop a solution that meets or exceeds customer needs with minimum risk and cost. The systems engineering role is paramount and is the integrating mechanism that assures a balanced solution across all of the technical efforts related to the development, manufacturing, verification, deployment, and support for the system.