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Redkite on a Navmar TigerShark

The Redkite Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) Pod was successfully Integrated onto a NASC TigerShark UAV in June 2017.

Time: 00:52
By: Logos Technologies

Meet the ArcticShark! The DOE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Facility's New UAS

Time: 2:04
By: Duke Joseph Agency

NASC Corporate Video

Time: 4:21

Richard Leverich Interview

Interview with NASC UAS Senior Engineer Richard Leverich At the 2017 AUVSI Xponential Tradeshow.

Time: 15:01
By: Aero-News Network

John Monnett Interview

Interview with Sonex President John Monnett at the 2017 AUVSI Xponential Tradeshow.

Time: 09:45
By: Aero-news Network