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Unmanned Aircraft Systems requires a team of people, mission commanders, pilots, and maintenance and logistics technicians to keep unmanned aircraft systems in top operational performance. NASC provides all phases of UAS Flight Services including hiring, training and deploying experienced mission personnel. We have some of the best instructor mission commanders, pilots, payload operators, maintenance personnel, post-flight and logistics people in the business that understand rapid response and operational excellence. Our corporation provides flight support for over 100,000 flight hours in remote locations. As the FAA continues to open Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the US National Airspace, the demand will increase in the commercial sector including Agricultural Surveying, Aerial Mapping, Security, Firefighting, and Emergency Response. Specialized sensor and payload equipment need to be controlled by skilled personnel - pilots and sensor operators - from remote locations to accomplish these missions and save time, money and even lives.

All of our subject matter experts are available for flight services with our aircraft and operational command centers for short and long-term leases to provide cost effective solutions requiring Unmanned Vehicles for your organization.

Flight Services

Additional Services Offered
Supply Chain Management NASC Logisticians carefully monitor mission status of our UAS Detachments and track storage and shipping of parts to ensure Fully Mission Capable (FMC) Aircraft for operational dominance.
Procurement and Inventory Control NASC Representatives use a the full circle approach of supply chain management to forecasting needed consumables and inventory control to purchase parts ensuring a seamless supply of parts.
Third Party Logistics NASC has an extensive third party network of talented vendors responsible for providing UAS parts on short notice. Outsourcing certain equipment keeps NASC Logistics lean and customer focused.
ITAR and EAR compliance NASC Export Control Officers provide trade compliance expertise for Unmanned Aircraft Systems export.
HAZMAT compliance Violations in Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Compliance can lead to severe financial and legal penalties. NASC trains employees in Federal, State and Local regulations in handling, shipping or receiving HAZMAT.