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NASC TigerShark



The NASC TigerShark UAS is a Group 3 UAS with over 100,00 hours in support of combat missions. Its flexible design and “Payload Plug and Play” capability enables the TigerShark to carry and employ multiple payloads simultaneously.

NASC constantly incorporates and integrates new technology into the TigerShark Design and provides various options including autonomous waypoint navigation, VHF command link for manual flight, and UHF modem for autopilot telemetry.


Wingspan 22'
Length 15'
Maximum Take Off Weight 500 lbs
Payload Capacity 100 lbs
Maximum Operating Altitude >14K ft
Maximum Endurance 8-12 hrs*
Maximum Speed 80 kts*

* Dependent on payload weight

Mission Profiles

Medium Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Communications Relay Platform
Low-Cost Research & Development Platform
Geological & Terrain Mapping
Target UAV
Meteorological Research Support
Anti-Submarine Warfare Support