Quality, Responsiveness, and Integrity

NASC TigerShark


NASC's UAS with over 100,000 hours in support of international operations in remote theaters.

Information Technology


A High Performance Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS for a broad range of missions and operational conditions.

NASC ArcticShark on the runway


NASC’s weather hardened UAS designed to operate in extreme temperatures of the Arctic.

UAS analysis

Analysis & Optimization

NASC has a robust, finite element structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics capability.

NASC manufacturing floor

Manufacturing & Modification

NASC has established a broad range of product design, prototype, production and manufacturing competencies.

UAS component integration

Integration & Installation

NASC has extensive experience in integrating and evaluating nearly every type of payload and advanced technology into Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

UAS component testing

UAS Testing

NASC has extensive experience in all phases of Testing & Evaluation for Unmanned Air Systems.