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NASC ArcticShark



The NASC ArcticShark is a purpose-designed variant of the TigerShark XP. ArcticShark was conceived at the request of the Department of Energy to operate in cold weather environments. ArcticShark can be configured with varied wing and fuselage mounted instrumentation designed to sample air data in the extreme latitudes.

The ArcticShark is currently undergoing customer testing at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and will be deployed to Alaska in 2018.


Wingspan 22'
Length 14'9"
Maximum Take Off Weight 650 lbs
Payload Capacity 100 lbs
Maximum Operating Altitude >18,000 ft
Maximum Endurance 8-12 hrs*
Maximum Speed 75 kts*

* Dependent on payload weight

Mission Profiles

Atmospheric Research Platform
Communications Relay Platform
Low-Cost Research & Development Platform
Geological & Terrain Mapping
Meteorological Research Support