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Teros UAS



TEROS is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS in the 1,500 pound class. Its flexible design and “Plug and Play Payload” capability enables the TEROS to carry multiple payloads simultaneously at high altitudes for extended periods. In order to meet our customer’s expanding requirement for an extend range, high altitude aircraft, TEROS was built to FAA Part 23 (structure and systems) and MIL F 83691 (flight characteristics) standards.

TEROS was derived from a flight proven airframe that has logged thousands of mishap-free flight hours with critical redundant flight control systems. Short takeoff and landing capability, fast field assembly, rapid servicing, and autonomous flight operation are among many of Teros' design features.


Wingspan 45'8"
Length 19'9"
Maximum Take Off Weight 1500 lbs
Payload Capacity* >500 lbs
Maximum Operating Altitude* >26K ft
Maximum Endurance* >23 hr*
Maximum Speed* >130 kts*

* Dependent on payload weight

Mission Profiles

Medium Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Communications Relay Platform
Low-Cost Research & Development Platform
Geological & Terrain Mapping
Utility and Pipeline Inspection Platform
Agriculture and Fire Mapping UAV
Aerial Spraying
Tactical Re-supply Platform (Cargo/Supplies/Fuel)
Parent UAV (deploy micro drones)
Target UAV
Meteorological Research Support
Anti-Submarine Warfare Support