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3D printer printing composite material

Engineering Design & Prototyping


NASC possesses the necessary staff, equipment and resources to provide a 100% production solution. Our facility has the latest technology in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) manufacturing equipment and our employees have decades of manufacturing and production experience.

Product Development

We use Solidworks, Solidcam and Inventor Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to develop and maintain configuration control of the technical data associated with mechanical and electrical system designs and the production and manufacture of products. With our solid modeling capability, we can ensure that many parameters such as fit between assemblies and formability are within specifications. This occurs before actual fabrication begins to eliminate wasted time and money during fabrication.

Rapid Prototyping

The diverse capabilities within our machine and sheet metal shops allow us to manufacture, one piece, prototype and production quantities along with design methods and procedures to reduce costs of manufacturing parts and assemblies. Using our inventory of 3D Printers by Makerbot, Dimension, Mojo, and Markforged, NASC has the capability to quickly fabricate parts from continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar, or nylon layers.